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        WHO WE ARE

        Ping An Asset Management Co., Ltd (PAAMC) was established in 2005 in Shanghai. We are one of the key members of Ping An Group’s investment pillar. As end of 2021 1H, PAAMC enjoyed RMB3.87tn (USD605 bn) assets under management, recognized as the largest non-state-owned asset manager in China and Top 50 among global AMCs*.

        Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China, Ltd. (Ping An Group) is the parent company and controlling shareholder of PAAMC. It is the first insurance-based integrated finance conglomerate in China that has full financial licenses with core business series in Insurance, Banking, Asset Management, Fintech and Healthtech. As end of 2022 1H, the group’s has dual-listed in Hong Kong and China Mainland (code 2318 and 601318) with total asset of RMB 10.70 tn (USD 1.50 tn).


        As of 2021 1H

        • Year Established


        • Registered Capital


        • Assets Under Management

          RMB4.24 tn (USD 596 bn)

        • Third-party Assets Under Management

          RMB542 bn+ (USD 78.21 bn)

        • Client

          200+Institutional Clients

        • Employee

          200+ Investment Professionals

          60% of them hold CPA/CFA/FRM

        • Shareholder

          Ping An Insurance (Group)…………98.66%

          Ping An Life Insurance…………………0.67%

          Ping An Property Insurance…………0.67%


        We trace our roots back to 1999, when Ping An Investment Management Center, the predecessor of PAAMC was established. Today, we have a significant presence and long-term track records in nearly all sectors of the China capital markets.

        • Fixed Income

        • Equity

        • Multi-assets

        • Alternatives

        • Cash Management

        • Multi-managers Solutions


        Clients are at the heart of everything we do. That is why we seek to provide superior investment results, exceptional service, and multiple layers of risk management.

        • SWFs and Pensions

          Top-tier SWFs, central banks, government investment agencies, Pensions, Global organizations etc.

        • Insurers

          Insurance companies and reinsurance company worldwide

        • Banks

          State-owned commercial banks, joint-stock banks, city commercial banks, rural commercial banks etc.

        • Others

          Including asset managers, wealth managers, enterprises, endowments and foundations etc.


        • Top500 Asset Managers 2022

          Ranked 45th among global AMCs, 4th among Asian AMCs, 2nd among Chinese AMCs*

          ——Investment & Pensions Europe (IPE)

        • Infrastructure Investor 50

          26th among global AMCs, 1th among Asian AMCs

          ——Private Equity International (PEI)

        • Greater China's Best Asset Manager

          ——Institutional Investor

        • China's Best Onshore Fund House

          ——Asian Investor

        • Best Asset Manager

          ——Global Finance

        • Trustworthy Asset Manager

          ——China Securities Times

        • China's Best Insurance Asset Manager

          ——21st Century Business Herald

        • China's Best Asset Manager

          ——The Asset

        • Best Investment Management Team

          ——China Insurance Security Fund


        Our goal is to build strong, long-term relationships with our clients. Our experienced relationship management and client service professionals typically specialze by client type or geography, providing a one-stop solution of each client’s unique needs in pursuit of investment and operational excellence.

        • Segregated Accounts

          To tailor make investment solutions based on clients’ specific needs

        • Private Funds

          Comprehensive product line covering cash management, fixed income, equity and multi-managers strategies etc.

        • Investment Advisory

          Professional supports including advices to asset allocation, investment, credit rating and ALM etc.


        PAAMC aims to bring positive impacts to the society through our sustainable investment and create value for shareholders, clients, employees, communities and environment as well as our partners. Ping An Group, as the first asset owner signing up to UNPRI in China, continuously instruct all members to enhance ESG framework based on businese practices in a more professional and systematic manner. In 2020, PAAMC issued "Responsible Investment Manual” and set up ESG Investment Decision-making Committee to fulfill sustainable commitments in all kinds of investment. As end of 2020, we have RMB400 bn (USD62 bn) in green investment funds.

        For more information about PAAMC, please visit http://www.nissancaugiay.com or contact us.